Dirty Sprite(detail).jpg

Vincent Miranda’s work is hard- edged, minimalistic and reflective of the social environment and material attributes of his upbringing in South Florida. Present throughout each work are mass produced objects and materials that refer to the music, drugs, fashion and Internet lifestyle which characterize the experience of minority youths in urban environments.

Through research and sculptural investigations, the work seeks to analyze youth minority culture and its idiosyncrasies. Minority culture is described as the customary beliefs, social norms, and material traits of a racial, ethnic, or social subdivision of a society. The juxtaposition of this young, urban culture with the social makeup of the fine art institution and its attendees provides viewers insight into this social subdivision of the United States. The current social climate of the country displays a difference in perception as to what is American and un-American, where this work allow viewers a moment to experience the intricacies of a culture that contrasts their own.

Situating a social subculture within the space of the gallery, the original context is replaced with a backdrop of absolute whiteness. Having been raised by a mother of white decent and a Hispanic father of minority culture, his artistic practice is a literal representation of a mixed, multicultural background. Rather than implementing personal views and opinions of either, placement of opposed social classes allows for further introspection of both.